When you decide to move online and sell your services and products online, most experts and web consultants will always advise you to ensure that your page has a good Google rank. Most people offering services in Red Bluff and other areas, always wonder what Google rank means and why it is important for their business. In a nutshell Google Rank is basically the algorithm that Google uses to establish how relevant a page is to a user looking searching for services and products contained in a given page. More relevant or important pages usually appear at the top while the less relevant trail in the search result. The question most people ask is how do I improve my page rank? How do I rank higher in  so that more people will see my page?

An important thing to note before delving into the factors that will affect the rank of your page on Google, is the fact that Google has changed the criteria used in ranking pages. Backlinks and SEO keyword densities no longer have as much significance today as they did few years ago. Google uses RankBrain to awarding ranks to pages now. Rankbrain technology is a machine-learning system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to interpret user searches in order to find pages that may not necessary have the exact words searched for.  RankBrain runs on all queries but particularly in long-tail queries which are specific phrases with many words. This just goes to show that it is more than the keywords and backlinks. Google has the intuition and artificial intelligence to pick up the best pages even when the exact phrases are not in the search box.  What this means is  that you cannot trick Google. You have to provide quality content that satisfies the needs of users for you to rank well. Here are tips and insights on how to achieve a higher local Google rank.

1. Content relevance and quality

Content relevance plays a very important role in calculating of ranking. Web pages that are most relevant to a query get a bigger score while those that are less relevant go to the bottom of the pile. What does relevance mean in this context? This is how closely related a page is to the search query that a user types in the search box.

In addition to relevance, the quality of the content is also equally important. This includes the level of grammar used, vocabulary used, spelling, comprehensiveness and how well you stand out from the rest.  You should therefore ensure that your content is remarkable. When creating content focus on the users’ needs rather than ranking high. Don’t write for the search engines but the users who will be reading your content. Make good use of keywords but check on the keyword density. Publish, edit and update content on your page at regular intervals and make people want to come back to your page again. Informational and interesting content will earn you a very high rank and you should therefore be very careful the quality of content that makes it to your page.

2. Technical Issues and site breakdowns

In order to ensure a smooth user experience, Google avoids sites that have architectural problems. Technical hitches such as poor navigation, duplicate content, wrong redirects and buggy inbound links can cause a site’s content to rank lowly or even not rank at all. Google is slowly moving away from ranking content based on the keyword densities and favoring user satisfaction more.  It is therefore important to ensure that your site is always error free. Frequent maintenance and quality checks will help you get rid of numerous technical issues in your page and will boost your ranking on twitter. Although they are a little expensive, Google-friendly premium site are really an important tool to ranking high. The site should not only have a good layout and design but should also have a reasonable load time. Too many unnecessary images are some of the reasons that sites have a huge load time which keeps users away hence reducing your Google search. Invest in quality sites with minimal issues and breakdowns and you will reap the fruits by ranking well among the best sites.

3. Social media activity

Times are changing and one of the major players in the Google ranking strategy is social media activity. The more you collaborate your web content with your social media platforms, the higher you rank on the search results. Actively engage your users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Post the links to your page on these platforms and you will be surprised at the number of people that will end up on your page.

To say the least, the era of backlinks and SEO is almost behind us now. Quality of content is slowly taking over from quantity of keywords. Use the provided tips on how to rank higher in “red bluff Google search” and you will see tremendous results.